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Health Tag vs. Spire Stone

Spire Health Tag and Spire Stone are wearable devices that sense and interpret one's respiration patterns to provide real-time feedback and guidance to improve the wearer's state of mind through notifications via the device and/or the app installed on your mobile device.

Spire Health Tag The Spire Health Tag is the newest product from Spire Health. Based on extensive research and customer feedback we have created the world’s smallest consumer device that discreetly adheres to the clothes you wear most and uses advanced algorithms and deep learning to provide personalized, real-time health guidance for sleep, stress, and daily activity through continuously analyzing breath and heart rate inflection points. The Spire Health Tag is shipped in packs of 1, 3, and 8 which the user affixes to the clothes they wear most often with a semi-permanent adhesive backing. The tags are designed to conveniently go through the washer and dryer as needed and they don't require charging. With normal use, a Standard (8-pack) Health Tag kit has a battery life of approximately 18 months.

Spire Health Tag features more comprehensive activity tracking; in addition to tracking steps, it will also auto-recognize workouts (running, biking, walking, rhythmic and non-rhythmic activities) and users can also manually add their workouts. Health Tag also features improved internal memory, and sleep tracking (tracking quality of sleep) as well as tracking of pulse rate (PR). The Spire Health Tag app does not include Boost exercises.

Please note that while Health Tag doesn't include the concept of ‘streaks’, users will still get real-time tense, deep breath, and sedentary notifications as well as LiveInsights.

Spire Stone The app provides the feedback and real-time notifications that are Spire Health's primary feature and also supports a variety of audio breathing exercises that we call 'Boosts" which help the wearer regain calm and focus throughout the day. You can find out more general information about Spire by visiting our FAQ pages at and you may also find the following links helpful in understanding how Spire may be beneficial to you in your continuing journey: Spire Commercial, Introduction to the Spire App, The Science Behind Spire.

Spire Stone ships with the wearable stone, a USB cable and a wireless charge pad which supports pass-through charging of another USB device (i.e. your phone or tablet). In order to use Spire, you will need a compatible iOS or Android mobile device upon which to install the related (free) app. With normal use, Spire Stone's battery will last 7-10 days after a two-to-three-hour session on the wireless charger.

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