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Is Spire Stone safe for daily use?

Your Spire Stone sensor is perfectly safe for daily use and meets certifications for safety in most major markets throughout the world. 

To sense your physiology, Spire Stone uses proprietary passive sensors to measure the detailed movement of your body as you breathe and move. Unlike many other sensing products, this means our sensors are not “active sensors” such as Doppler, ultrasound or radar-based which looks for the reflection of some signal from your body.

FCC and IC certification

Spire Stone communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy, a low-energy protocol that transmits data with more than 100x less power than the cellular phone network. Bluetooth Low Energy far exceeds the safety recommendations throughout the world for EMF transmission. Spire uses components compliant to FCC Part 15B, Part 15C and Canada ICES-003, RSS-247. Spire obtained FCC and IC certification from Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corporation on September 26, 2014.

This laboratory also determined that due to the fact that Spire does not transmit information into the body to sense changes, specific absorption rate (SAR) testing is not necessary. However, similar Bluetooth Low Energy devices like watches and such have been shown to radiate at least an order of magnitude less than other consumer electronic devices (e.g., smartphones): <0.001 W/kg (1g). This value is more than 1000x lower than the safe limit value defined by FCC.

Having passed both FCC and IC certification and employing a SAR more than 1000x lower than the safe limit value defined by FCC. This means the mindfulness, stress reduction, and focus improvements that Spire Stone brings about can be enjoyed throughout daily life.




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