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Quick Start: How to Start Using Spire

You can begin using your Spire Stone right away by following these 3 steps:

1. Update your mobile device's software to the latest version of its OS (Operating System).

2. Install the Spire app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store by searching for "spire health". It should be listed as, "Spire Health – Activity Tracking for body…" by Spire Helath, Inc.

3. Open the Spire Health app and follow the instructions on-screen.

Out of the box, your Spire Stone has a limited charge. However, you may need to charge your Spire Stone 15-30 minutes before using the app. We recommend charging Spire Stone overnight on its first charge

If you’re installing the Spire app onto an iPad, you will first need to run a search for “Spire Health” in the Apple App store. After the search complete’s, go to the top left of the screen and where it says “iPad Only”, tap this and change this to “iPhone Only”. The app list will then update. One of the first apps listed should be “Spire - Activity tracking for body…”. Choose “Get” to install the app.

The app will guide you to turn on Bluetooth, pair your Spire Stone, and to choose its initial placement, whether you wear it on your waist or bra.

Enjoy bringing enhanced breath awareness to your daily life!

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