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How do I wear my stone?

There are two ways to wear the Spire Stone: pants or bra.

1. Pants: on the waistband of your pants, jeans, slacks, skirt, underwear or shorts.

2. The stone goes towards your body with the clip facing outwards. The location should be between or around your first belt loops. If your pants don't have belt loops, approximate where the first belt loops would be (between your hip bones).

3. Spire Stone needs to be against your body but does not need to touch your skin.

4. Spire Stone won't work as well if you clip it onto a belt – it should be on the waistband.

5. Bra: on the center or side of a bra.

6. Depending on your body type and bra type, you should try wearing Spire Stone in different locations to find what's comfortable and accurate. The first place to try should be the center of the bra, between the breasts. The stone goes towards your body. If you get multiple 'reposition your Spire' notifications over the course of a day, switch to wearing Spire Stone on the side of your bra (not the strap).

If you are wearing clothing that doesn't allow you to easily place the stone on your waist or bra, we suggest clipping the stone to your underwear.

Note: If you put Spire Stone in your pocket, as a necklace, or on your back (as opposed to clipping it towards your body), it will track only your steps and activity.

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