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Developer and Researcher API FAQ [Spire Stone]

Thank you for your interest in leveraging the Spire Stone API for your project. We have put together answers to a few frequently asked questions about access to and use of the Spire Stone API.


1. How do I access the API?

Answer: You will need an API "token" you can get this by logging into using the email address associated with your account. More info can be found here:

2. Can I access the API without creating a Spire Health account?

Answer: No, you will need to have registered a Spire Health account to have a token generated.

3. What type of programming or technical support is available to help me with my project?

Answer: The Spire Health API is an unsupported API. At this time we can only provide generalized support for inquiries, but most inquiries can be answered in this article. We cannot support you with coding or debugging the code for your project.


4. What type of data can I get from the API?

Answer: The API will give you access to post processed data streams for State of Mind (Calm/Tense/Focus), BPM (Breaths Per Minute) and Activity levels.

5. Is the data from the API real time?

Answer: Data you capture via the Spire Stone API is delayed 4-5 minutes. The delay is necessary to ensure accurate algorithmic processing of raw data captured via sensor and to preserve battery life.

6. Can I get access to raw sensor data and/or can I see the algorithms you use to process data via API?

Answer: We do not allow access to raw data, nor do we share our proprietary algorithms.

7. Can you provide me with a download or CSV of my raw, event or streak data for analysis?

Answer: We do not provide this except in special circumstances regarding research studies. Please contact us at for this inquiry.

8. Do you have an SDK or when do you expect to have an SDK?

Answer: We currently cannot provide a timeline for release.

9. When is the API for Health Tag going to be available?

Answer: Health Tag API is now available! Please reach out to for more information. 

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