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How can I send Spire the debug logs?

To upload your debug logs, navigate to "Settings" at the bottom right of the Navigation bar and then tap on “Support” at the bottom of the next page. On the next screen, tap on “Submit Diagnostics” and you will get the option to either “Report a Problem” or “Suggest an Improvement.” Please leave a brief description on the issue you may have encountered prior to submitting the debug file. Debug files submitted without proper messaging will be deleted.

If you encounter a problem with the app and want to report it to us, please do so within 5 minutes of the issue occurring. This will ensure that we get all of the appropriate data related to this issue within the debug log. While in the Spire app, if you take a screenshot this will automatically create a debug file. This is useful for associating a specific on-screen event with an issue. If you tap on the screenshot prior to submitting the debug file, you can use your finger or a stylus to annotate a particular portion of the screen to highlight the issue.

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