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How can the Spire app help me find my Spire stone?

Go to the “Settings”, located at the bottom of the app screen in the Navigation bar. On the next screen tap on “Device” and at the bottom of the next screen there will be an option called “Vibrate my Spire”. If your Spire is within Bluetooth range, roughly 30’, the "Vibrate my Spire" button will rock back and forth when you tap on it. If your Spire is outside of Bluetooth range, the “Vibrate my Spire” button will not rock back and forth. This will help you know if you’re getting close to your lost device and if it’s nearby. 

If you’re still not able to locate your Spire, reach out to us at or call us at 1-800-501-2256 and we can look up your data and let you know the last time we received any data from your Spire which may assist in finding its location.

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