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I’m having trouble charging my stone

First, take your Spire off the charger.

Make sure the charger is plugged into a high-quality wall adapter, like your iPhone's wall adapter. Android users: Please note that the "Fast Adaptive Charging" wall brick that comes with some Android devices may not be compatible with your Spire charge pad. 

Place the stone, clip facing up, on the direct center of your charging pad. Make sure that the charging pad has the cork side facing up as well and that it's on a level surface. (If your Spire is new, please make sure that the clear plastic clip that holds Spire in place in the packaging has been removed as this will prevent Spire from charging correctly.)

Wait 10 seconds.

If the blue light on your stone doesn't light up and begin to slowly blink, remove it for about 15 seconds and then place it back on the charging pad again. If this doesn’t help, try changing outlets or plug your charging pad directly into a USB port on a computer.

While charging, the blue LED on the Spire should slowly blink while in a charge cycle. When your Spire has finished charging, the LED should remain solid but dimly lit.

To check the current charge level of your Spire you can open the Spire app and go to Settings located at the bottom of the screen in the Navigation bar and then tap on Device. On the next screen, you will see the current charge level displayed with a segmented battery icon.

You can also check the current charge level of your Spire by tapping on the Spire stone. Tapping on your Spire should cause the LED to blink several times. 5 blinks is a full charge while 1 blink is a low charge. If the LED quickly flashes, this indicates that the battery is almost drained and will need charging soon.

If you continue to have issues, please contact us via email ( or call us at 1-800-501-2256.


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