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How do I charge my stone?

Spire's award-winning wireless charger is designed to complement any room or home and uses real, reclaimed mahogany cork.

Follow these steps to charge your stone:

  1. Plug the included USB cable into your charger (smaller hole) and the other end into a USB AC adapter in the wall or directly into your computer (other charging cables are ok too).
  2. Place your stone, clip facing up, in the center of the charger.
  3. Wait 5 seconds.
  4. If no light appears, take the stone off for 3 seconds and place it down again.
  5. Optional: there's a large USB adapter in your charger next to the smaller USB hole - plug your phone's charging cable into the large adapter and, voila!, the Spire charger will charge your phone too.
To check the current charge level of your Spire you can open the Spire app and go to Settings located at the bottom of the screen in the Navigation bar and then tap on Device. On the next screen, you will see the current charge level displayed with a segmented battery icon.

If you don't have your phone on-hand, you can check the current charge level of your Spire by tapping on the Spire stone. Tapping on your Spire should cause the LED to blink several times. 5 blinks is a full charge while 1 blink is a low charge. A series of quickly flashing blinks indicates that the battery is almost dead and will need charging soon.

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